Groin Kick to Double Impact
  • Start Position:
    • Kickboxers stance
  • Description:
    • Self defense technique that is best used to end a fight with a slightly larger opponent
  • Sequence:
    1. (in kicking range of opponent) bring up knee to target
    2. then extend lower leg w/ explosive upward force to groin
    3. use left hand to bring opponents head down lower
    4. then bring the right elbow down to the back with speed
    5. as you bend left knee and raise right knee to the chest
  • Targets:
    • groin (for the front kick)
    • back of head, neck, or back (for right downward elbow)
    • stomach, chest (for right knee strike)
  • Notes:
    • Bart Romano
    • Crunch the abs and slouch your back slightly as you bring your right elbow down and right knee up for added power
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