Foolish Back Kick
  • Start Position:
    • Left leg forward, fighting stance
  • Description:
    • A set of kicks which will confuse and stun.
  • Sequence:
    1. Providing your in a left/right fighting stance!
    2. back leg roundhouse to midsection
    3. lead roundhouse to head
    4. as the lead leg roundhouse cambers....
    5. turn away and do a quick back kick.
  • Targets:
    • midsection
    • head
  • Notes:
    • This is a simply combo easy to learn.
    • The first two kicks arent really meant to hit home, there just for distraction.
    • When you throw the back leg roundhouse, they block down.
    • And when you do the high lead roundhouse they are forced to block high....with a nice opening for a back kick. :)
    • I'd be grateful for any combos emailed to me! thanks very much.
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