Fake-Jumping Side Kick
  • Start Position:
    • normal fighting stance
  • Description:
    • This move is designed to knock your opponent off his/her feet with a jumping kick, while not allowing them to notice any telegraphing movements, (they'll never see it coming)!
  • Sequence:
    1. Start in a normal fighting stance
    2. Bring your guard up as you approach the opponent
    3. swing your upperbody downward, and to the side
    4. At this time your rear hand is now your lead
    5. There should be a twist of the waist
    6. swing your rear leg in front of you, side kick chamber
    7. now you should be in the opposite direction
    8. quickly hop off your new rear leg, and side kick
  • Targets:
    • abdominal
    • chest
    • if possible the face!
  • Notes:
    • This manuveur must be performed smoothly as well as swiftly. One fluid motion is what makes this kick unpredictable as powerful. The momentum of your twist will give you your power to drive your foot into the target. This move is advised mainly for TKD and Karate Sparring Competitors. SUBMITTED BY: Scott Ealey, TKD Practitioner.
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