Fake Jab, Reverse Punch
  • Start Position:
    • Right side fighting stance
  • Description:
    • This technique worked like a charm, but only in tournaments that allow you to throw punches to the head
  • Sequence:
    1. from a right side (or left)
    2. throw a jab to the face with the lead fist
    3. when opponent blocks upward to protect the face,
    4. fire a reverse punch with other fist to the body
  • Targets:
    • torso
  • Notes:
    • Bill Norat former tournament fighter
    • The only limitation to this technique is the fact that some tournaments don't allow punches to the face, even if it's just a fake to create an opening to the body.
    • This was not a problem during the 70's when I competed! :)
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