Fake 540
  • Start Position:
    • Ready Stance
  • Description:
    • You wouldn't use this in a fight but its impressive.
  • Sequence:
    1. Do a jump roundkick and immediatly start thinking about
    2. Starting the spin in mid air...
    3. immediately after you bring the kicking leg back, bring
    4. your opposite foot in and perform a spinning side kick
    5. after all that is done make sure you are in the spot
    6. you started in.
  • Targets:
    • Maybe the face (1st kick)(this is if your good)
    • chest (second kick)( this is if your ok)
    • Stomach (second kick) (well you know)
  • Notes:
    • Kevin Engels
    • This move is hard to do at first but get the spin down and you pretty much have done it.
    • Variations: Tornado Kick, True 540.
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    • Date: 5/9/03 at 08:55
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