Take Down to Elbow Drop
  • Start Position:
    • Left stance
  • Description:
    • Best used on the street, quick take down, finished with an powerful strike.
  • Sequence:
    1. Left stance, step forward with rear (right) leg,
    2. Execute a powerful lower hook kick,to their outside right leg
    3. Use your left arm on the left hand side of their face if you are not confident in the strength of your kicks to swing the opponent to the floor.
    4. As they fall down to the ground, step back into left stance.
    5. As you do so drop onto your right hand side whilst emitting the elbow.
    6. Make sure your don't hit the floor!
  • Targets:
    • Lower right calf
    • Knee
    • Stomach
    • Ribs
  • Notes:
    • I'm Owen Clayton, black belt kickboxer but vary my techniques for street fighting.
    • You will need to practice this movement as if you miss your target you may seriously damage your elbow.
    • If quick enough, a knee strike can replace the elbow.
    • However you will need to pull your body down rather than onto your side.
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