Elbow Counter KO
  • Start Position:
    • Preffered stance
  • Description:
    • wait for an opponent to throw punch and dispatch him with 2 quick elbows.
  • Sequence:
    1. Wait for oponnent to throw punch
    2. Quickly palm his fist away with one hand
    3. place your palm of your other hand on your head
    4. with elbow pointed towards opponent, dash forward
    5. smash the oponent in the face.HARD.
    6. as he steps back, take an explosive step forward
    7. Come down on his chest with a crushing elbow
  • Targets:
    • Face
    • Solar Plexis or Rib Cage
  • Notes:
    • Make sure your palm is solid against your head, with elbow pointing out like a triangle. Surprisingly difficult to perfect, but once mastered can be devastating. Steven O'Hanlon
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    • Date: 1/11/08 at 05:28
    • Email: o_hanlon_steven@yahoo.co.uk
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