The School of Kick Boxing Kickboxing Dictionary - Western Kick Boxing Techniques

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Abrasion. Any wound received from a strike or a technique.
Angel. (See Backer) A person who finances a kickboxing match.
(Ring) Announcer. A person who communicated the judge’s decisions to the general audience.


Babbling. (ILLEGAL) Any insulting language directed at your opponent, or the referee. While commonly found in western sports such as boxing and wrestling. It is considered unsporting in the Asian martial arts.
Back (Any) Any technique done with the limb opposite of your opponent Back Punch / Back Kick
Backer. Any person or group who provides funds for a kickboxing match.
Back Kick. A kick done by turning your back to your opponent and kicking backward with a strait leg.
Back Punch. Any punch done with the top part of the glove. Usually in a backhand motion.
Bell. (The) A two-minute break in the kickboxing match.
Back peddling. Any backwards traveling done by a fighter. Usually as an opponent advances forward.
Blocking. Any technique that obstructs an opponent’s kick or punch to your body.
Bobbing. To duck under an opponents punch. Usually while making weaving movements.
Body Strike.A blow to the upper chest to draw or sap energy from a fighter.
Bounds. The legal fighting area of a match.
Bout. Any kickboxing match.
Boxing Gloves. Hand protectors that protect your hands from abrasions.
Break. The command a referee gives to separate two kick boxers. Usually when in a clinch.
Bread Basket. A fighters stomach.
Bucket. An ordinary pail used for a fighter containing a towel and some water.


Caught. (To be) To receive a blow or a strike.
Circling. Any movements a fighter makes traveling in a circle around an opponent.
Clinch. To hold an opponent close to you, with your arms to avoid being hit
Combination.Any number of punches or kick or kicks and punches combined.
Commission. (The) The State or national sports commission.
Count. (The)The referee shall count from 1 to 10 when a fighter is knocked down. If the fighter is still on the floor after 10 seconds then it is considered a knockout.
Counter. To actively protect yourself from any technique done by you’re opponent.
Corner. 1 of 4 spots in the kickboxing ring the fighter sits in preparation for a bout.
Cross Punch.A power punch made with the hand opposite to your opponent.
Cut Man. A person who tends the fighters medical needs during the contest break.


Dancing. Foot techniques to make the fighter more agile. (Walking on the front balls of the feet)
Decision. The ruling of the judges or the referee.
Diet Guru. A person who specializes in weight loss.
Doping To give a fighter illegal sport’s enhancing drugs without his or her knowledge.
Double Block. A block using both arms in a parallel in front of your jawline instead of just one arm. Used to evade a volley of arm techniques.
Draka Russian version of Thai-boxing.
Drugging To knowingly take or to provide illegal sport’s enhancing drugs
Drug Guru A shady individual who helps an athlete hide his drug abuse, usually by prescribing Herbal remedies to hide or mask his drug usage from blood testing by the authorities.
Ducking. To drop down under your opponents arm. (Bobbing and weaving)


Elbow Block.A technique to block a kick by blocking with your elbow.
Elbow Strike. (ILLEGAL) To strike you’re opponent with your elbow.
Exercise. Any actions the body commits to stay active.
Exercise Guru. A person who specializes in exercise.
Exposing. To drop your guard. or to leave an area exposed.


Farm. A gymnasium that specializes in training kick boxers.
Feint Kick / Punch. To perform any technique that causes your opponent to drop their guard.
Fix. (To Fix)(ILLEGAL) To pay money for a fighter to lose a fight (This is a Federal Crime)
Fold. A chambering position to ready a leg or an arm for a technique.
Foot Guard. A device that protects your foot from abrasions.
Foul. Any infringement of the rules.
Front Kick. To kick forward with the leg closest to you’re opponent.


Game Face. This is a scowl to create fear and trepidation in your opponent.
Glass Jaw. A fighter who is unusually very vulnerable to knockouts.
Grab. (ILLEGAL) To grab or hold an opponent in place with your hands.
Guru. (A, The) An individual who does questionable or illegal favors for athletes and celebrities for money. Usually, These Guru’s are social climbers, trying to latch on to bigger and wealthier celebrities.


Ham and egger. A professional sparring partner, not necessarily a sports fighter or a contender.
Hammer Head.A kick boxer who is in vulnerable to knockouts.
Hanger-on-err. A beguine individual who mooches money and favors from athletes and celebrities. Usually this is a guru. But can also be an overanxious fan.
Haymaker. A knockout blow.
Headache Bag. A type of speed bag secured to the ceiling and floor by two elastic ropes.
Head Butt. (ILLEGAL) To strike you’re opponent with the top of your head.
Head Gear. Any device to protect the head against abrasions.
Hold. (ILLEGAL) To grab an opponent with both your hands.
Hook (Kick) To kick an opponent with a backwards arcing motion.
Hook (Punch)To punch an opponent in a rounded horizontal arc.


In-Fighting.Any close range techniques, Such as slashing punches and short kicks.
Injury. Any abrasion gained by the fighter during a match.


Jab. A speed punch made with the hand closest to your opponent.
Judge. A person who judges a match. (Usually in a panel of three)


K-1. Modern term for western kickboxing, Usually used among fight promoters.
Karate. This in an all-encompassing term for combat involving no weapons whatsoever.
Kinetic Linking To move ones foot, knee, upper torso and arm in unison to perform a punch
Kick. Any striking technique done with the legs and feet.
Kick Box. The western version of Thai-Boxing.
Kick Boxer. A fighter who fights in the American version of Muay-Thai, or Thai Boxing.
Knee Strike. (ILLEGAL) To strike your opponent with your knee.
Knock Down. A blow to the body that forces the fighter off of his/her feet.
Knock Down Rule. This is a rule that when a fighter is knocked down 3 times it is considered a knockout.
Knock Out. A blow to the body or head, which jars the brain into inactivity or unconsciousness.
K.O. See knock out.


Leg Technique. Any technique that involves the legs or feet, Such as kicking or blocking.


Manager. An agent who manages your career from a business and economic status.
Master. An antiquated term rarely in use today for a martial arts expert.
Match. Any martial arts contest.
Micro Audience. A group of bystanders watching something interesting, watching an athlete exercise ect.
Mouth Guard.A device that protect your teeth from abrasions.
Muay-Thai. The original fighting art from Thailand that kickboxing is derived from.


Neutral Corner. A corner not used by either fighter.


Out-fighting. Any long range techniques. Such as strait punches and kicks.
Overhand Punch. A punch done in a downward arcing motion. (Used to bypass a block)


Passbook. A book containing a kick boxers medical records for his/her fighting career.
Pads. In kick boxers jargon a pad is any kind of protective equipment.
Phased. To be dizzy or groggy after receiving a blow from an opponent.
Pivot. (The)To pivot is to change your weight from the front ball of one foot to another.
Power Punch.Any technique that uses strength instead of speed. Usually a cross or a turning technique
Practical Karate. Thai-Boxing has been called karate for real life situations or practical karate.
Publicity Agent. An agent, who manages what the newspapers write about your career.
Punch. To strike an opponent with your gloved hands.
Punch Drunk.To be dizzy after receiving a blow or a strike to the head.
Purse. Any prize money won during a match.



Rabbit Punch. (ILLEGAL) A rabbit punch is an illegal punch to the back of the head or kidneys. Usually when the fighters are in corner or in a clench and the judges and referee cannot see clearly.
Referee. A person who directly maintains the rules of the match (Not a judge)
Re-enforced Block. A block using one arm crossed over the other in the shape of an “X” Used to block high kicks to the head.
Ring. The padded fighting area of a match.
Ringer. A fighter who illegally is substituted for another fighter without informing the judges.
Ringmanship.See Strategy.
Ropes. Any cords that separate the fighting ring from the general audience.
Round. 1 of 3 periods of fighting during a bout.
Rotate. To move or twist your torso in the direction of your opponent for a power punch.
Round Kick. A kick performed with the leg in a level horizontal arcing motion. The contact area is the front ball of the foot behind the toes.
Round Kick. (Thai) A standard round kick but the contact area is the lower shin and not the ball of the foot.


Savate French version of Thigh Boxing.
Set Down. The completion of a single technique.
Shin Block. To block a high kick or a low punch with your knee and shin.
Shoot Fighting. Japanese version of Thigh Boxing.
Shout. See Yell.
Side Kick. To kick with a leg in a strait motion (When you are facing sideways to your opponent)
Slashing Technique. Any technique done in a circular motion.
Slip. To move under or around an opponents arm range.
Speed Bag. A small punching bag used to build up speed for punching.
Speed Strike. Any strike such as a jab to disorient an opponent.
(The) Squared Circle.The kick-boxing ring.
Stabbing Technique. Any technique done in a forward motion.
Steroid. (ILLEGAL) Anabolic Steroids without a doctor’s prescription are a crime.
Strategy. Ability to maintain control during a bout, Such as punching and blocking and Forcing an opening in your opponent’s guard. Also called ringmanship.
Strike. Any technique. That is a blow to your opponent.


Tanking. To forfeit a match by feigning injury.
Technical Knock Out. To be so disoriented after receiving a strike during a match you are disqualified.
Telegraphing. To make body movements that gives away your intentions to your opponent.
Thigh Block.To raise your knee above your belt to block a kick with your lower thigh.
Thai-Boxing.A form of boxing from Thailand combining Queensbury rules boxing and karate kicking.
Thai-Karate.Another term for Muay-Thai (See practical karate)
Thigh Protectors. Thigh protectors to protect the thighs from abrasions.
Third man in the ring. The Referee.
Throwing in the towel. To voluntarily forfeit a match.
Timing. To perform two different techniques simultaneously, Such as punching and blocking.
Timeout. The time when a portion of a match is over.
T.K.O. See technical knock-out
Tomato Can. A professional sparring partner, not necessarily a sports fighter or a contender.
Trainer. A manager, who specializes in developing and maintaining your athletic skills.


Uppercut Punch. Any punch done in an upward arcing motion. (Usually upon the tip of the jaw)
Uppercut Punch. (Russian) A standard uppercut performed while moving or springing toward your opponent.


Victory Dance. (ILLEGAL) This is when you do a little dancing movement when you score a point. While this is considered good sportsmanship in western sports such as football (This is considered poor sportsmanship in martial arts circles)


Weaving. A defensive technique, to move back an fourth away from an opponents reach.
Wu-shu Kwan.Chinese version of Thai Boxing.


X-Block. A blocking technique. by crossing both arms in an X position. (See re-enforced block)


Yell. Any loud shout, to distract or disorient an opponent.



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