Destructer Combo
  • Start Position:
    • Basically Any
  • Description:
    • A consist of punches, quick movement and knee strike!
  • Sequence:
    1. Jab with right arm quick to the face
    2. Jab with left arm quick to the face
    3. as soon as your done, dodge to the right quickly
    4. then dodge to the left quickly
    5. then to a jumping knee kick
    6. then wait for opponent to strike
    7. when opponent is about to strike,duck
    8. an jump as high as you can an do a cresent kick
  • Targets:
    • Face
  • Notes:
    • They call me Hiei because of my quick movement. Also this move requires the ability to jump very high in the air and needs quick movement. Also, time is greatly considered if the opponent is going to strike an you duck an if he catches you in the air while performing a cresent kick, bring other leg to his stomach an kick hard. This move is deadly if connnected!!!!
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