Crazy 3 Kick Combo
  • Start Position:
    • Left leg forward, fighting stance
  • Description:
    • Just a useful combo.
  • Sequence:
    1. lead leg axe kick to their bind spot of their head.
    2. back leg midsection roundhouse kick
    3. turn away as if to do a back kick.....
    4. use the twist to come back in...
    5. do a fake semi-circle outward/inward kick using left leg
    6. as you spin around do a back leg high roundhouse
  • Targets:
    • This isn't meant to hit the target just to distract.
    • Midsection
    • Fake the midsection with left leg,
    • and hit target high with right roundhouse kick.
  • Notes:
    • Person is drawn to block high with axe kick. Block low with midsection roundhouse kick.
    • Then get confused with left like outward/inward fake kick. (With bring down arms) and gets hit :(
    • This combo is quite difficult and perhaps isnt such a great combo.
    • Its really hard to make them up. email me to though with moves and combos etc.
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