Big KO
  • Start Position:
    • Basic boxing/kickboxing stance
  • Description:
    • Left jab to forehead followed by a right uppercut. This lifts up their chin followed by a left hook to the side of the jaw (close to chin)
  • Sequence:
    1. Throw a left power jab
    2. Dart foward as the jab is executed
    3. When close throw a semi powerful uppercut to the chin
    4. (don't use too much power on uppercut keep your balance
    5. Their chin is high through a hard left hook (SWEET!!)
  • Targets:
    • forehead - jab
    • chin - uppercut and hook
  • Notes:
    • I'm James Gatward this combo has knocked out people almost twice my size (and I'm 6'3" 235 pounds)
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    • Date: 05/24/01 at 13:37
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