Bengal Tiger
  • Start Position:
    • Front fighting postion
  • Description:
    • I made this move myself and I used it once on the street, it was very effective if you want to finsh off someone in style....
  • Sequence:
    1. Two right hand quick jabs to opponents face.
    2. Roundhouse kick to the quadraceps of the leg.
    3. A swing from each hand with full power.
    4. Front kick right inthe face.
    5. Make two tight fists and charge he/she down with force
  • Targets:
    • Jab the face.
    • Roundhouse kick right in the quadraceps HARD!
    • Make the swings Hard!!
    • Make the front kick to the chin up.
    • The charge must hit right in the chest with FORCE.
  • Notes:
    • Name: Rai (Kick-Boxer)
    • Kick boxin' is like a mixture of two arts of i thought i'd make a move of two types of styles....
    • this is one move i constructed myself..
    • It's Bengal Tiger because of the Charge at the end....
    • .....Bless....
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