Backward Bearhug Reverse
  • Start Position:
    • Bearhug from behind by opposer
  • Description:
    • A reverse of a bear hug from behind
  • Sequence:
    1. while in bearhug stamp on the opposers toes
    2. headbutt the opposer
    3. then the opposer will be dazed
    4. bend over forwards so you have a little space
    5. from in between you legs grab the opposers ankle
    6. pull the opposers ankle forwards so he/she falls over
    7. from there you can either kick in groin or twist ankle
  • Targets:
    • headbutt hard so the opposer is dazed
    • when you pull the opposer over use groin kick........
    • .....or ankle twist quick before opposer.........
    • ..........kicks you forward
  • Notes:
    • Anthony Millington
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    • Date: 5/13/05 at 11:51
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