Back Up and Think
  • Start Position:
    • Normal Fighting Position
  • Description:
    • (this move is to give you space in a handicap sparing match)
    • Jump in the air kick both of them at the same time if not on the ground drop kick them if they get back up kick three blows to the face.
  • Sequence:
    1. If the two men are close enough
    2. Jump clear in the air and nail both of the opponents
    3. If they are not on the ground after you kick them, drop kick them
    4. If they dodge that kick to the face till they are on the ground
  • Targets:
    • Chest
    • Back of ankle
    • Face
  • Notes:
    • If you complete this successfully when they are on the ground think of your next move (back up and think)!
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    • Date: 5/30/05 at 01:40
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