Al-Jabr Throw Down
  • Start Position:
    • defensive, surrounded by two-three adversaries
  • Description:
    • This is technique that'll get you out of a would be jumping, though let me admit only true talent would get you out unscathed.
    • Also speed and accuracy would be great. Also act accordingly to their positions.
    • In this scenario this involves one in the center of a triangle of bullies. Involves fakeouts.
  • Sequence:
    1. Fake a jab to one man
    2. Only to quickly spin kick a second
    3. Then really jab the first man
    4. Shin kick the third follow up with a hammering elbow
    5. Make sure to use several eye rakes and back fists
    6. With several of them hurt and stumbling
    7. Make your getaway
  • Targets:
    • anywhere
  • Notes:
    • Several of these attacks may and or must be repeated.
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