Exercise Time

‘The Golden Time of Day’

So when is the ‘best’ time of day to exercise for fitness and weight control?

Many of us have come to the realization: “exercise is important for general health, weight control and overall well being.” What many of us also realize is how difficult it can be to find an exercise program we can stick to. Time is always an important factor. But along with time there’s the issue of convenience. For most people, it is simply a matter of developing the habit of exercising. They know exercise will give them a boost of energy but…that knowledge isn’t always enough to motivate them to exercise…. especially when they feel tired or drained before they even begin.

When considering the best time to exercise, there are really three choices: morning, midday or evening.

How does one decide which is the best choice? The best way to begin is to decide whether you are a morning person or a night person. Do you really feel rested and ready to go in the early hours after waking up? Do you feel most energetic and find yourself more productive in the morning? If so, you would benefit greatly by exercising as one of your first daily activities. One advantage of a morning workout is that you don’t have to worry about unexpected events that can sometimes upset even the best-laid plans to exercise later in the day.

On the other hand, some people just take longer to wake up and get going. Their mornings are spent getting in gear for projects and activities. They don’t hit their stride until later in the day. Exercising at midday or in the evening works best for these people.

Midday or lunchtime exercise works well for some people. This gives them a nice break in their day to refresh themselves and often helps them to avoid eating a heavy meal. By boosting their metabolism, the body provides added energy to finish out the day. If the exercise program selected is one that requires little to no travel, comfortable clothing, and less than an hour, it solves the problem of convenience. By planning an exercise program at midday, many of the tasks or chores that can only be done in early morning or evening can still be accomplished. There can be some disadvantages to midday exercise. Depending on the type of exercise, time is required to change into workout clothes. Then there can be the problem of clean up from sweating if the workout is intense. For some these problems are so prevalent they tend to focus on making the decision between morning and evening.

I would venture to say, most people are pretty drained at the end of the day. Most of us maintain a basic workday (9 to 5 so to speak). At day’s end there could be many pressing activities of a personal or familial nature that need to be taken care of. As with any workout, regardless of the time, exercise boosts the metabolism and energy levels. After an evening exercise, it’s conceivable you may still be going well into the late evening hours. This is not good when we require a solid night’s sleep. Still, there can be some advantages to an evening workout. One advantage to exercising in the evening is that it relieves the stresses of the day and helps promote a good nights sleep.

You probably already know if you are a morning person, midday, or a night person. Use this to your advantage to help you begin and stick to an exercise program. To determine what works best, try exercising for a week in the morning, a week at midday, and then for a week in the evening. Note how you feel for each of these exercise sessions. This should help you determine which works best. Once you have decided which works best for you, set up a specific time. Treat it like any other appointment and you will be on your way to achieving all the positive benefits of regular exercise. Make it your ‘Golden time of Day’!

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