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When choosing a gym, first determine what your goals are and what you plan to expect from a gym. Plan to visit the gym during the busier times or at least the times that you expect to be attending. The busier periods are usually between the hours of 8AM to 11AM in the morning and 4PM to 7PM in the evenings. Gyms are also busier at the beginning of the year as a result of so-called New Year resolutions, which lasts for about two months. Warmer days allow more outdoor activities and subsequently less gym attendance as well. Visiting the gym during the busier times will determine whether there are enough cardio and weight training machines or crowded conditions resulting in long waiting periods to use equipment.

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General Gym Conditions

There are two types of gyms, body building gyms and fitness centers. The body building gyms usually cater to competitive body building while fitness centers provide more than just free weights and machines. The clientele will differ as well. Those not into competitive building may feel uncomfortable in that type of facility.

Equipment Condition

The condition of the exercise equipment is critical. Malfunctioning or failed equipment can result in serious or fatal injuries. If you are not sure of the condition of the equipment, test it unloaded before loading weights. Like a pilot, preflight the equipment before use.

Recommended Equipment

There are three basic types of equipment, resistance machines, free weights and cardiovascular machines. Machines should be adjusted for proper fit to avoid injury. There should be a variety of free weights, resistance exercise machines and cardio machines. Be sure to make a visit during peak hours to determine if there are enough of the very popular cardio machines.

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