Fitness Instructor Guidelines

General Responsibilities of a Fitness Instructor:

Fitness Instructors provide a comprehensive, one-on-one personal fitness assessment and training program. The purpose of the program is to assist clients in setting and achieving realistic fitness goals based on each client's needs. Ultimately, the client should be able to individually develop and follow goals based on the personal trainer's knowledge.

Fitness Instructors are expected to work independently and adhere to the guidelines of their certifying organization, as well as all company policies and procedures.

Fitness Instructors are responsible for the assessment, teaching, training and supervision of a general population in fitness centers, health clubs, gyms and community recreation organizations.

Fitness Instructors may specialize in a number of areas such as personal training, aerobics, aqua-fitness, and special population groups including senior fitness.

Fitness Instructors may also be employed as independents on commission and work at a various locations.

Alternative Titles:

A Fitness Instructor may perform the following tasks:

Personal Requirements:

Professional Certification:

There are various certification organizations. The organization should require some type of validation for recertification, i.e., CEUs or retest. A Code of Ethics should be available and encouraged.

Other Certifications:

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