Version History

Version Release Date Description of Change
v2.6 1/7/18 Changed cover logo (pdf version)
Changed name of manual
v2.5 11/29/17 Changed Kickboxing Aerobics to Cardio Kickboxing
v2.4 9/05/16 Revised page formatting
Created Spanish version 2.4s
v2.3 3/29/15 Aqua Pg 62 changed to lower blood pressure
Aqua Pg 62 added increased heart rate
v2.2 9/01/14 Cleaned up formatting
New Table of Contents
Changed reference to doctor in Foreword
Changed to 55 and older
v2.1 1/16/14 Copyright updated
Font change from Arial to Calibri
v2.0 4/07/13 Copyright updated
QR Code
v1.9 8/11/12 Copyright updated
p111: Added Heat Index Chart and section
Various spellings
v1.8 7/12/11 Copyright updated
p59: an item floats when it displaces its own
p61: in resistance
p61: but not with
p62: with a nod to Newton
p63: an area scan
p64: deeper water
p64: slower tempo
v1.7 9/24/10 Changed Sit and Reach Test
Changed hot bath effect on BP
2nd Ed. v1.6
v9.0 4/1/07 New cover
added ISBN number
v8.9 3/31/07 Replaced Anatomy Chart
v8.8 2/22/07 Changed SF Test Q11 and Q13 to energy
Fixed version history table
v8.7 9/8/06 Changed wording of Q35, Q38, Q71 of SN
Changed 50% RM in Senior Fitness section to 60% RM
v8.6 2/13/06 Updated questions to reflect new food pyramid changes Q53, Q65 SN
v8.5 1/11/06 Corrected test questions 9, 29 and 56
v8.4 8/3/05 Corrected Q10 on Sports Nutrition test
v8.3 5/1/05 Added Aqua Training
Added scoring results explanation for Dynamic Gait Index
v8.2 5/1/05 Added OILS column to Pyramid Table
v8.1 4/27/05 New Food Pyramid Table
v8.0 4/20/05 Senior Fitness section added
includes v7.9
v7.8 1/13/05 Title Change
v7.7 7/19/04 Corrected Sports Nutrition test Q40
Added reference to left ventricle for systolic pressure
v7.6 2/17/04 Corrected Fatty Acid function in Fats section
Changed to reflect 3 to 4 sets under Sets & Repetitions
Changed Q39, Q40, Q41 on written test to coincide with online test
v7.5 1/10/04 New Logo, graphics, copyright
Updated US RDA/DRI Requirements Tables
v7.4 9/17/03 Changed Nutrition test question #78 from "consumption" to "absorption"
Changed Heart Rate Chart to conform to ASCM Guidelines
v7.3 7/30/03 Changed warmup bpm from 135 - 140 to 120 - 134
Changed Trainer test Q21 from "medium" to "low to moderate"
v7.2 5/26/03 Corrected Trainer test question #66 to read 55% to 65%
v7.1 2/28/03 Redesigned Hear Rate Chart
Corrected grammar on protein page
v7.0 11/29/02 Redesigned eBook
Added eBook print function
v6.9 11/24/02 Added Choreography section
Added Class Types section
v6.8 10/13/02 Corrected pulse check 15 to 20 minutes
Added to Q75 Aero Test "at the fastest rate"
v6.7 6/26/02 Corrected Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids
v6.6 3/28/02 Corrected Nutrition test answer form, missing question boxes
Altered test form columns for MS Word 2000 problem
v6.5 3/11/02 Changed Nutrition test questions 5, 19, 26, and 40
v6.4 3/07/02 Modified Hydration section (daily water requirements)
Added Supplements section
Added Glycemic Index section
Added Amino Acids to protein section
Added Incomplete proteins to protein section
Added USDA RDA section
Added Food Pyramid Guide to Nutritional Requirements section
Added Popular Fad Diets to Nutritional Abuses section
v6.3 2/08/02 Added explanations to Fitness Evaluation, Postural Assessment
v6.2 1/20/02 New install program
v6.1 12/01/01 Corrected dumbbell press and upper/lower description in Sample Workout
Changed older spelling of "fly" to newer accepted spelling of "flye"
v6.0 11/04/01 Added Hyperventilation to Exercise Injury "Breathing Reactions"
Added blood pooling to Aerobics section
Added the word "output" to cardio benefits in Aerobics section
Added definition of sagittal as "vertical plane"
Changed test question #15 to "immediately before exercise"
Changed test question #62 to indicate "experienced class"
Added the word "Anterior" to test question #87 to match manual
Added Yoga section
Cleaned up formatting
v5.9 9/05/01 Added Specificity and Overload
Added Variations of Sets And Repetitions
Added "somatype" to text in Fitness Testing
Added Durnan site location pictures to Fitness Testing
v5.8 6/30/01 Added Plyometrics
v5.7 6/04/01 Added Nutritional Abuses
v5.6 4/17/01 Added Hydration
Earlier versions - Version control not in place

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