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Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor The information contained in this manual is intended as a fitness guide and is not intended to replace a personal trainer. Remember; please consult your doctor before beginning any type of workout or diet program. Factors unknown to you may have an adverse affect on your physical wellbeing even including death. You may think you’re in physical shape to pursue the activities described in this document; only your doctor is qualified to make that decision. Tell him or her that you are planning to begin an exercise program.

It is important to keep in mind that pain is NOT good especially in joints, bone, chest. Muscles soreness is normal, but not to the point of not being able to use it. NEVER continue a workout with soreness, give the muscles a chance to repair and build. Working out too many times per week can actually make a muscle smaller and weaker if you don't give it a chance to repair. Remember; nutrition is the fuel for work and repair.

In any event, the International Fitness Association (IFA), the author and their representatives cannot assume any responsibility for negative results regardless of how incidental or severe, whether due to an error in this manual or an omission of information. The responsibility is yours. We are not there to see what you're doing; so use common sense. In any event, if you have a question that you can't get answered, send us an email from our website at We'll try to answer your question. A local personal trainer might also be able to help. You don't have to hire a trainer for the long term. You can get a trainer to start you out or just meet you at the gym every couple of weeks to check on your progress and technique (very important). Trainer rates vary from $25/hr to $45/hr and on up. It's a good idea to get your workout program started.


This manual is the course material for the Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor certification, Sports Nutritionist certification, Senior Fitness Instructor, and Aqua Fitness Instructor certifications. For certification as a Sports Nutritionist, you are expected to read and be tested on the Nutrition section only. You will also need to be familiar with the Client Forms section. For Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor certification, you are expected to read the entire manual. However, test material will not emphasize the Nutrition section. For Aerobics & Trainer and Senior Fitness candidates, it is advisable to read the entire manual. A Personal Trainer should be aware of the Nutritional needs of their clients.

After reading this book, you can take the test here on the website and it will be instantly and automatically graded. The results will be sent to IFA automatically. If you pass, you can even pay securely for the certification on the website. If you are planning to send in your test instead of taking it online, you'll need to download the test from the download page and submit it with your payment to:

International Fitness Association (IFA)
Attn: Certifications
12472 Lake Underhill Rd., #341
Orlando, FL 32828

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