IFA Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Certification Exam

Purpose: This test is for certification as an Aerobics Instructor & Personal Trainer with endorsements for Step Aerobics, Kickboxing Aerobics and Group Exercise.

Instructions: You must download and read Fitness ABCs before taking this test. When you feel you're ready, complete this information form and the test below. Press the submit button when you're done. Your score must be 70% or greater in order to pass. There are no "trick" questions. Exam results are returned immediately.

Once you receive a passing grade, you may return to the main page and use the PayHere link to pay by Credit Card on our secure server to receive your certification card. Your name will be printed on the certification card exactly as you type it. So, please observe proper case and enter your legal name. You can move through the test faster using the TAB key to go forward (SHIFT TAB for backward) and space bar to mark the answer.

If you've recently taken the test within the past year, you do not need to retake this test and you may pay for your certification now by clicking here. Your two-year certification period will begin on the date of payment.

If you lose your internet connection, continue to take the test. When you are done, pressing the "Submit Test for Grading" button below will automatically reconnect you and grade the test.

All information is required. You will NOT be put on a mailing list. Click here to proceed to exam